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Our speech therapy services have been highly praised by our clients and their families.

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Alicia is so kind with my son. He is only 3, (so he is very busy,) but she has a way of having fun with new games and techniques to always draw his attention and play while learning!


My son has apraxia and I struggle with him saying simple words, and somehow within the 30 min appointment, she has gotten more words out of him than I’ve ever heard.


Alicia works hard at her job, she is passionate, and she cares. I would 100% recommend Alicia if you have any concerns about your child’s speech. 


Alaina is a wonderful speech therapist, she has a great understanding of her field with many years of experience behind her. She is kind and patient with her clients, always fun to be around and yet very professional.


My son has made great progress with her and her team and looks forward to attending. Each session offered has had meaningful feedback, strategies and tools that have helped my child get closer to his personal goals.


She was able to identify the specific areas where we needed to work and provided me with exercises and suggestions to implement. I am very grateful for Alaina, it’s been a positive experience watching my son achieve and grow in his language journey.



To say that Alaina goes above and beyond for her patients is an understatement.


Not only is she knowledgeable in all aspects of speech for my son, she also ensured we got multiple referrals for his other special needs that would have been next to impossible to do myself.


She has great communication, is very kind and genuinely cares about her patients.

- Eryn

I can’t recommend Alicia enough!


She worked with my little girl for two years and we absolutely loved her. She was incredibly knowledgeable, even giving us at home tips and tricks to ensure continued progress!


My little one couldn’t wait for her next appointment with Alicia and it didn’t take long before there was a huge improvement in her language skills!


Thank you again for all your hard work! 


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Alaina is very good with making you work hard. Alaina is very good at saying the words or sentences. In the end, at first, I said one word, “no”.


Now, I re-leaned English again and 100% thanks to Alaina.

- Anonymous (adult stroke survivor)


Alicia was able to work with my youngest son (age three) for his speech delay. Alicia was clear on what specific sounds he was missing and what he seemed to struggle with most (in a matter of minutes!)


She was able to go over his speech assessment and offer strategies that will be beneficial to do at home. In addition to this, she was able to provide me with a series of useful games and tasks to practice at home to enhance his overall speech abilities.


In the session she showed patience and was extremely engaging in keeping him interested and entertained. I would recommend anyone seeking a speech pathologist to use Alicia! 

- Amanda

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